Gordie The Pool Guy’s Repairs & Renovations in Vancouver

Have the previous homeowners left you with a cracked, empty, moss-covered pool? Gordie The Pool Guy can help! Since 1969, Gordie The Pool Guy has completed over 5,000 repairs and renovations for pools, spas, and outdoor water features.

Pool, Spa & Deck Repairs

Is your pool’s plaster chipping away, exposing the concrete subsurface? Need help locating and repairing a rip in your pool’s vinyl liner? It’s about time you called an experienced renovator. Gordie The Pool Guy is your go-to guy for all repairs of pools and spas, including:

• Pool Painting & Repaints

• Pool Plaster Repairs & Renovations

• Tile Installations & Renovations

• Deck Repairs & Pressure Washing

• Deck Seal Coatings

Pressure Washes for Decks

If you live in the Lower Mainland, then you know how mould and mildew are always competing to be the province’s unofficial provincial flower. Blast away deck algae and mould with Gordie The Pool Guy’s powerful pressure washer! This service is essential for poolside wooden decks, where children and adults could easily slip, causing accidents and injuries. Call us today to keep your family safe while they are enjoying the outdoors.

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